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Deeper Perspective on IoT Career for Job Seekers

IoT professionals face various challenges when looking for jobs. Given that IoT is a more recent profession compared to other technology jobs, some companies are not sure of the right skill set for their business. This often leads to a lower number of jobs available for IoT professionals as compared to other jobs.  Several websites list the available IoT opportunities. Therefore, most professionals have a hard time going through various sites in search of the best opportunities. In most cases, they fail to beat the deadline for applying for some lucrative opportunities. 

Besides, some companies do not give detailed descriptions of the positions that they seek to fill. This makes it hard for those applying to determine if the position they intend to apply for is the best fit for the qualifications and experience. In other cases, websites give too much detail that the job seeker is unsure whether they meet all the qualifications. Besides, some companies do not share in-depth information about their core business. Given that most candidates would like to know their potential employers in detail before applying for a job, the lack of enough information often leads to IoT developers making blind applications. In some cases, they end up getting invited for interviews with companies with poor BBB rating or one that is not a great fit. 

We have taken various steps to make the process of finding the right opportunities and applying for the positions a lot easier:

  • ☑ First, the site is updated with new positions as soon as they are advertised. It gets the adverts from diverse and popular IoT job sites. Therefore, IoT developers on the site are able to apply for the position as soon as it becomes vacant. This, in turn, increases the success rate.
  • ☑ Second, by listing all the available job opportunities in one location, job seekers do not have to search all over the Internet for new opportunities.
  • ☑ Third, the site offers relevant details for all the advertised positions. This includes the background information of the companies that are recruiting. Job seekers can evaluate whether they are the right fit by going through the details and reading the company information.  This saves the recruiters time lost going through unqualified applications and ensures that job seekers do not waste time and effort in jobs that are not a good fit. 

Is a Career in IoT a Good Idea?

Yes. There are several reasons why you may want to take up a job in the IoT field. First, IoT is praised as the technology of the future. As the world moves to big data and digitalization, IoT engineer jobs will be in plenty to support the vast IoT industrial and consumer network. Therefore, a career in the field has excellent prospects for the future. Second, a career in IoT testing enables you to be part of some of the most impressive innovations across various industries, including home automation, driverless cars, energy innovations, and wild sci-fi entertainment ideas. Besides, you become a versatile professional who can fit in any discipline or industry, whether agriculture, IT, entertainment, or medicine. There are tens of angel investors and companies waiting for these breakthroughs to support their inventors. You could be one of them. 

What Are the Different Types of IoT Jobs? 

There are several careers in IoT. Luckily, a large number of these careers are Internet of things remote jobs. Here are some of the popular job titles.

job types for iot developer

IoT Solutions Architect

IoT solutions architects are involved in creating practical uses for IoT technologies. They work with designers and engineers to develop processes for completing various IoT processes. They look at the big picture when developing an application.

IoT Software Engineer

IoT engineers decipher big data generated by different sensors, extract and process it to enable connected devices to communicate and create real-time data visibility. They understand the nitty-gritty of IoT processes and have what it takes to make them work.

IoT Product Manager

An IoT product manager is specialized in bringing an IoT product into the market. He or she ensures that the product brings value to the target clientele. Besides, they are responsible for understanding customer needs and leading the creation of products that satisfy the need. Companies looking to hire IoT application developer teams require product managers to help in crafting solutions.

Embedded and Cloud Engineers

Embedded Engineers are responsible for the design, testing, and maintenance of embedded systems. Most embedded systems are analog sensors or software that is used at the human interface. For example, processing input from keyboards, touch screens, iris, and fingerprint readers.  On the other hand, cloud engineers are tasked with assessing and researching existing infrastructure to transfer it to the cloud system to ensure that IoT works.

There are several other specialized jobs around these areas depending on the industry and business.

Do Certifications and Training Play an Essential Role in Enhancing the Chances of Being Hired by Top Firms?

Certification and training play a vital role in enhancing your chances of being hired by top firms. Training ensures that you get the right specialized skills to pursue a particular career in the field of the Internet of things. Some of the positions require skills that are usually not part of the general coursework. On the other hand, certifications confirm that you are qualified for the task you intend to take.  Most check certifications that an IoT developer holds to determine his or her value in the position. Besides, some jobs, such as hardware jobs in IoT, require hands-on skills to operate or maintain specific devices. In such cases, the hiring company would need to know if candidates are trained in handling such devices.  Therefore, it is good to keep getting new training and certified by various professional bodies to increase the chances of getting well-paying IoT consultant jobs. 

What Skills Are Crucial to Have for an IoT Developer Career Leveling up?

IoT developers need to have several skills and competencies to handle various challenges and tasks in meeting their goals. Here are some of the most important skills.

  • ☑ Understanding various aspects of information security that include cyber-security and data privacy. If you pursue a career in IoT security, you should understand ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment, and network security.
  • ☑ Ability to collect and examine large sets of data. Good knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning in big data analysis.
  • ☑ Knowledge in hardware and software integration. It ensures reliable, secure, and flawless communication in an ecosystem. Some of the IoT embedding jobs require a good understanding of both hardware and software integration and ecosystem maintenance.
  • ☑ Knowledge in various programming languages, such as Python and Javascript. You need to write code to integrate new devices in ecosystems and ensure flawless communication.
  • ☑ Expertise in cloud computing as much of the data is hosted on the cloud. You should be able to manipulate cloud data and ensure its safety.

IoT Developer and Consultant Resume Samples

What Is the Future of IoT? Is the Demand for IoT Engineers Rising in the Future?

The Internet of things is growing rapidly. In the future, people’s daily needs such as shopping, managing energy consumption, home security, driving to work, and simple things such as maintaining a schedule will rely on IoT. Besides, companies will produce smart devices for everything from washing machines, refrigerators, cars to television sets. This will also use IoT to create ‘production on demand’ environments, manage production lines, and maintain user devices. With the invention of internet technologies such as 5G, the world is edging closer to using IoT for every repetitive job.

IoT engineers will be in high demand in the future. They will be tasked with designing, maintaining, and repairing smart devices across various disciplines.  Besides, IoT software engineer jobs will be in high demand as more companies create the software infrastructure required to ensure their devices are integrated into the IoT ecosystem. Therefore, anyone looking to remain relevant in the future should consider a career in IoT.  

Employers’ Perspective on Hiring IoT Talent

Hiring companies face several problems when trying to get talented coders on board. First, they may receive many applications from unqualified applicants who did not understand the requirements for the job. Second, it takes time for employers to get enough applications, especially when looking for specialized fields such as AWS IoT jobs. BestIoTjobs helps solve these issues by listing the most relevant job requirements on the site so that applicants can determine if they are a good fit. Besides, the site gets resumes from various IT professionals beforehand. Therefore, recruiters can access the pool directly to fill the positions fast.

What Custom Services IoT Coders May Provide Your Company with?

IoT coders provide several custom services, as listed below:

custom iot development solutions
  • ☑ Integrating new devices into an existing ecosystem to enhance service delivery
  • ☑ Analyzing big data to find patterns and create solutions. IoT data scientist jobs also require knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • ☑ Coders create the software platform on which to create an ecosystem where devices can communicate with each other.
  • ☑ They also create the human interface and integrate sensors required to pass the right information to other devices.

What Are the Areas of IoT Developers’ Expertise?

There are various areas where IoT developer expertise is required. These experts can work in various segments of the economy that includes Industrial, analytics, consumer, and planning sectors. Industrial IoT development experts design smart solutions to enhance production, development of industrial B2B solutions, and their management. Experts in consumer IoT develop products for general consumer use and integrate the existing ones to the existing IoT ecosystem. On the other hand, those involved in planning develop innovative solutions such as smart cities and urban development. IoT testing jobs may apply across these industries. 

What Are the Telltale Signs That You Chose the Right IoT Engineer Candidate?

Here are some competencies and skill sets that show that you have picked the right candidate.

  • ☑ Candidates with accreditation from different professional bodies indicate that the expert has the right qualifications for the post.
  • ☑ Cross-industry knowledge and experience mean that they can apply the vast knowledge in solving similar challenges. Most IoT infrastructure jobs may use experiences from other sectors of the economy in solving challenges.
  • ☑ Expertise in big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, working on the cloud, and operational knowledge in hardware integration
  • ☑ The ability to work in a team shows that he or she is a team player and vital in reaching common goals.

What Industries and Companies May Benefit from Extending Teams with IoT Engineers?

Companies across various disciplines can benefit from incorporating IoT engineers in their operations. These include companies that work in entertainment, medicine, city planning, industrial and FMCG industries. In the entertainment industry, engineers create virtual reality technologies. In medicine, they create smart medical technologies and quick disease research.  Besides, in planning, engineers do big data analytics to build smart cities, traffic control, and waste management. On the other hand, those in the industrial sector are key to process automation, while those in the consumer goods sector create user IoT solutions for everyday use. The Internet of things technical support jobs may be available across these industries. 

hire internet of things engineer remotely

What Are the Possible Ways to Find the Right IoT coder for Hire?

There are various locations where you can find the ideal coder. Here are a few:

  • ☑ You can place an ad online and invite competent IoT developers to apply.
  • ☑ The business may hire IoT developer teams remotely from countries such as Ukraine to collaborate with the in-house teams on project-by-project terms. Most companies hire cloud-based IoT talents, such as Azure developer jobs, remotely.
  • ☑ You may build a nearshore development IoT team. These teams are located in countries with similar time zones as the business allowing them to communicate in real-time with teams at the company. Most IoT consulting jobs seek remote or nearshore developers as it is cheaper than employing talent.

We can help IoT job seekers find their dream jobs, and employers get the right IoT talent for their business. Job seekers can search for available opportunities with ease as the site divides IoT jobs into categories for ease of navigation. For example, you may find hardware engineer vacancies, IoT cloud developer jobs, and IoT product manager jobs in different categories. On the other hand, companies can use the site to get a qualified Internet of Things programmer for hire fast. They can ask for applications from qualified IoT developers or go through submitted resumes to get the right talent.

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